What is the difference between GNM and ANM?


GNM and ANM 

Nursing is a very good option for joining the field of medicine, people who like to serve others, can join this area to make a career. In the field of nursing, two courses are very popular; one is GNM and the second ANM. There is considerable difference in both courses. Applicants who have not information about ANM GNM courses, then this page of naukaricareer.com is being given information about the difference between GNM and ANM.

GNM (what GNM)?

GNM is a three year course for becoming a nurse in the medical field, after completing this course, you are given a certificate, with the help of which you can apply for a job in a government or private institution.This course can be done by both the boy and the girl

ANM (what ANM)?

The full form of ANM is the Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery. Under this course, information about the things used in the work, equipment maintenance and use of them during treatment is given. Only ANM courses can be done by women. A.N.M is a two-year diploma course.

Difference GNM & ANM

No number GNM ( GNM) ANM ( ANM)
1. This course can be done by both male and female candidates This course can only be done by women
2. In this course, information about patient care is given In this course, information about maintenance of equipment used during treatment is given, in addition to this, a bit of information is given about the care of the patient.
3. For admission to the GNM course, the minimum 12th exam must be passed with Physics, Chemistry and Biology 45% For admission to ANM course, you must pass 12th in any faculty.
4. Minimum age for admission to the GNM course is 17 years and maximum is 35 years Minimum age for admission to ANM course is 17 years and maximum of 35 years
5. The GNM course is of three years. ANM course is from one and a half to two years old

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