How To Crack IELTS Exam in A Month

If you are among those candidates who are going to appear in IELTS Exam and thinking about How To Crack IELTS Exam in A Month? You are at the correct place to get the Tips to Crack the exam. IELTS Exam consists of four sections that are listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Students need to prepare well in order to qualify for the Writing/Speaking Test. For the same, you can have a look at the tips for How to Crack IELTS Exam.

how to crack ielts exam in a month

How To Crack IELTS Exam 

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the international test of the English language for candidates who want to study in a foreign country. If you have to wish to complete your higher studies in abroad then you must know about preparation strategy.

If you want to attain high marks in this test, you need to know How to Crack IELTS Exam. You can obtain detailed tips for How To Crack the IELTS Exam in A Month from the downward section of the page.  Candidates who are going to appear in IELTS Exam are suggested to have a look on the below-given tips so as to prepare for the exam.

Tips To Crack IELTS Exam Easily

Listening Section

This is one of the most important parts of the exam. It consists of four sections and the tips to prepare for this exam are:

One-to-one interaction:

  • This tells us about the interaction between two people. This one to one interaction can be telephonic conversation between two people. The best method through which you can prepare for the exam is to listen to every possible conversation.
  • Easiest way to prepare for the IELTS test is to listen to the English bulletins and practice involving listening and noting down all the important topics.

SpeechIt is necessary that you should be a good listener, so the test takers are made to listen to the speech. The main motive to conduct this test is to measure how much capable you are to grab the idea of the speech and understand the highlighted issues.

Group discussion (GDs)In Group Discussion, there is an interaction between a maximum of four people. Group discussion is the best way which can help the candidates to crack the exam. It is compulsory for all aspirants that they must listen to each and every topic discussed.

Reading Section

In this section, the reading skills of the candidates are evaluated. The reading section comprises of Academic and General Tests which are totally different from each other. Have a look at the preparation tips:

Concentrate on reading:

Do as much reading as you can. Read all the parts that are important and interesting and you find them short. After completing the short paragraphs, you should go for the brief sections like essays, editorials, short stories etc.

Prepare notes:

Try to make some easy notes while you are reading as it will help you to sharpen all your reading skills. While reading, you should highlight or underline the topics which you find them important.

Practice comprehension: For the preparation of the IELTS exam, practicing comprehension is the best method and this can help you a lot. You can make your skills sharpen by solving the questions based on comprehension.

More Preparation tips are:

  • Try to read and solve the questions within a given tie period.
  • Make sure that you have answered all the questions that are asked in the comprehension.
  • You can save few seconds with the answers directly on the answer sheet.
  • Before answering the questions, you must read the passage carefully.

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Writing Section

In the IELTS exam, the writing section has two sub-sections. In this section, you have to give a description of the chart, graph or diagram. Here you need to write down the essay and express your views and arguments (if any). Here are some tips to prepare for the writing test:

Sample essays

Before you go for the exam, you must practice the writing section by reading more and more essays. This can help you a lot to prepare for the IELTS test.

Essay Writing:

Practiced more and more by wring paragraphs on the topics that are common and important. You must bring clarity in your lines and it should make clear about the particular topic. Make sure that no more than one argument should e discussed in the essay as it can confuse the invigilator.

You must bring your own idea in the answers and not the one that you have prepared. Just write down about your own opinions.

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Speaking Section

The speaking test is divided into three parts and the preparation tips for all the sections are as follows:

First Part:

  • In this part of the exam, test takers ask some general questions from the students related to their personal information just to check their skills.
  • Always add some interesting facts in the answers that can impress the examiner.

Second Part:

  • In this part of the speaking section you are given a particular topic and you have to speak on that topic for 2 to 3 minutes. Thus this test is conducted to check the knowledge and speaking skills of the candidates.
  • Before you give answers to the questions, you must think before speaking. Better you should take a minute before starting for any of the topics, as you must have knowledge of that topic.

Third Part

  • This is the most important part as here the questions will be asked from you according to the second part. What you have written in the second part, questions will be asked according to that.
  • Do not get confused and give the answer with full confidence and try to show the willingness to answer the asked question by the examiner.

Last words:

We hope that the above-given article about How To Crack IELTS Exam in A Month will help you a lot for the best preparation.