Current Affairs 01st November 2018

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Current Affairs 01st November 2018- Daily GK Questions, Quiz

.What country has India started with “Cool EMS Service” at the moment ?

  1. Japan |


  1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the Statue of Unity of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in Gujarat as the world’s tallest statue, how much is the length of this statue?

Ans: 182 m |


  1. In which place was laid the foundation stone of the country’s largest dry dock in India ?

North: Cochin |


  1. Which country announced the creation of the first permanent airport in the South Pole ?

North China |


  1. Which ballistic missile was successfully successfully conducted in the night test which is capable of detecting targets up to 700 km away ?
  2. Fire -l |
Current Affairs 01st November 2018
  1. What other than the United States of America, along with India, agreed to establish two plus two communication mechanism between the two countries’ defense and external affairs ministries in October 2018 ?
  2. Japan |


  1. Where was the annual bilateral summit between India and Japan held onOctober 28-29 , 2018?
  2. Japan |


8.Have recently sworn in as Chief Justice of the Guwahati High Court ?

Answer: Justice A. S Bopanna |


  1. Which person gave a resignation letter to the President of the Film and Television Institute ?

Answer: Anupam Kher |


  1. To make India a clean India by 2019-20, at what place was the seminar on Gandhian ideology and cleanliness organized?

Answer: Wardha.


11.Will India compromise with which country to swap currency $ 75 billion ?

  1. Japan |


In which state is the 12.5th National Public Health Care Summit organized ?

  1. Assam |


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