Current Affairs 08 Sept 2018- Download For All Competitive Exams

September English Current Affairs 2018


  1. Ministry of Human Resource Development released National Clean School Award 2018 prepared by the National Institute of Sanitation Education and Research (NICER). Government Primary School, Kunichampet, is in the top position with the top 100% marks in the list.
  2. Central Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has decided to release all vehicles, including auto rickshaws, buses, taxis, on alternate fuel, from the requirement of permits.
  3. For the convenience of the Overdraft, now the maximum age limit has been reduced to 65 years, before the account holders of the overdraft in public money account were only 18 to 60 years old.
  4. The Constitution Bench terminated section 377, partly by terming it as a violation of the right to equality provided in the Constitution. The Bench delivered four separate but mutually agreed decisions.
  5. Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) has received contract to make long-range land-to-air missile (LRSAM) for the Indian Navy.
Current Affairs 08 Sept 2018

National Current Affairs Quiz

  1. i) Which state or Union Territory’s school is at the forefront of National Clean School Awards 2018?

North: Puducherry |

  1. ii) Recently, the Central Government decided to give a permit to the vehicles running on which fuel?

Answer: Electric, biofuel and ethanol, CNG.

iii) Under the Pradhan Mantri Janhan Yojna, how much did the age limit increase by 60 to get the benefits of overdraft facility?

Answer: 65 years.

  1. iv) By which date Supreme Court partially repealed Section 377 of IPC?

Answer: September 5th.

v). Which company recently received a contract to build an LRSAM missile for the Navy?

Answer: Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL).



  1. Izmir International Trade Fair will run till 11 September in Istanbul, the third largest population of Turkey after Istanbul and Ankara. In which India is also participating.


  1. According to the Nuclear Safety Index, India has improved its ranking from one place in 2016 and is now ranked 19th in “Theft Rankings” for countries with weapons-usable nuclear materials.
  2. Moving forward to space cooperation, India and France made an agreement to collaborate on ISRO’s first human space missions, Gagananan.
  3. Right now Navjot Singh Sidhu said that Pakistan is ready to open the corridor on the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji by Kartarpur Sahib.
  4. India and Bulgaria signed two memoranda of understanding (MoU) on 5 September 2018 to promote bilateral relations. During this, the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on cooperation on tourism, civil nuclear cooperation, establishment of Hindi Chair at Sofia University and cooperation in science and technology.
  5. India and the United States have agreed to increase cooperation on international forums such as UN and Financial Workforce for the fight against terrorism.


International Current Affairs Quiz

  1. i) In what country is the Ishrida International Trade Fair organized from September 7 to 11?

North-Turkey |

ii). What rank has India received in the “Theft rankings” recently published by the Nuclear Security Index?

Answer: 19th |

iii) With which country did India compromise on ISRO’s first human space mission, Gagananan?

North-France |

iv). According to Navjot Singh Sidhu, which historic master of Pakistan was claimed to have started the corridor?

Answer: Kartarpur Sahib |

v). Which country has recently signed an MoU on civil nuclear cooperation with India?

North- Bulgaria

  1. vi) India and which country recently agreed to increase cooperation on international forums such as UN and Financial Workforce for the fight against terrorism?




  1. Customers of Airtel Payments Bank can withdraw cash without any select ATM machines in the country. This payment will be made using Instant Money Transfer Technology (IMT).


  1. Facebook will invest approximately Rs 7,190 crore to open its first data center in Singapore, which can be started in year 2022. As a Facebook, 1.7 lakh square meters of this 11-storey data center, hundreds of people will get employment.


Finance Current Affairs Quiz

  1. i) Which company recently announced the introduction of the facility of withdrawing money without ATMs under the IMT facility?

Answer: Airtel Payments Bank |

  1. ii) Facebook will invest about Rs 7,190 crore to open its own first data center in Asia?

North: Singapore.



  1. On the last day of the 18th Asian Games, India finished the game by winning the best of boxer Amit Pangal and the men’s doubles pair of bridges.

Sports Current Affairs Quiz

i). Indian men’s hockey team won the bronze medal on the last day of the 18th Asian Games?


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