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14 September Current Affairs 2018

Current Affairs 14th Sept 2018


  1. Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD) issued an advisory on the fatal online game ‘Momo Challenge’. Under this, the children are asked to monitor social media activity so that they can ensure that they are not involved in the Momo Challenge game
  2. Central Cabinet has approved the ‘Prime Minister’s Annapada Income Conservation Campaign’ (PM-ASHA). The purpose of this scheme is to provide a fair price to the farmers for their produce.
  3. The Central Health Ministry has decided to ban 328 medicines commonly used.
  4. Bharat Archaeological Survey (Delhi Circle) working under the Ministry of Culture has discovered a treasure of 254 copper coins from the premises of the window mosque.
  5. Human Resources Development Minister, Prakash Javadekar released the Telugu version of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s book, “Exams Warriors”.


National Current Affairs Quiz

  1. i) Which online game has security advisory issued by the Central Government recently?

Answer: ‘Momo Challenge’ |

  1. ii) In order to give the farmers fair value for their produce, the Union Cabinet approved the scheme to start?

Answer: Prime Minister, Anandaar Income Conservation Campaign.

iii) Recently, how did the Central Government announce the ban on fixed-dose combinations (FDC) medicines?

Answer: 328 on medicines.

  1. iv) In which place was 254 copper coins discovered recently by archaeological survey (Delhi Circle)?

Answer: Window Mosque.

v). Recently, the Telugu version of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s book “Exam Warriors” released?

Answer: HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar |


1.Russ, the soldiers of China and Mongolia together have started the world’s largest maneuvers by name Vostok-20118.

  1. In Sri Lanka, law is going to ban the sacrifice of Hindu temples. The minister of Hindu religious affairs had forwarded this proposal and most moderate groups supported it.

3.American House of Representatives recently passed a bill under which the ban on killing of dogs and cats for human food has been banned.

  1. A recently released report by the United Nations states that the problem of starvation has increased for the third consecutive year in the world.


International Current Affairs Quiz

  1. i) Russia, China and Mongolia, together, by which name has the world’s largest maneuvers started?

Answer: Vostok-018 |

  1. ii) Which country’s cabinet has approved the proposal to ban the sacrifice in Hindu temples?

North: Sri Lanka.

iii) Which country recently banned the trade of meat of dogs and cats by passing a bill?


iv). According to the recently released report by the United Nations, how many years later, there has been talk of continuous increase in hunger problem?

Answer: Three years.


  1. According to a research report by State Bank of India (SBI), rising prices of fuel could cause huge losses to the states of Rs 22,700 crore.


Finance Current Affairs Quiz

  1. i) Which banks are expected to have a huge loss of Rs 22,700 crore due to rising fuel prices by the report released by the bank?

North: State Bank of India |


  1. England defeated India by 118 runs on the last day of the fifth Test match at the Oval, winning the five-match Test series 4-1. Alistair Cook was chosen as the Man of the Series in this series.
  2. The ICC has decided to give the status of ODIs in Hong Kong to India and Pakistan in the group league matches in the upcoming Asian Cup from September 15.

Sports Current Affairs Quiz

  1. i) In the India-England Test Series-2018, “Man of the Match” was declared?

Answer: Alistor Cook

  1. ii) The ICC decided to give ODi status to India and Pakistan in group league matches against which country in the coming Asia Cup?

North-Hong Kong


  1. India’s next ambassador to the Republic of Azerbaijan, B.Vanlawwana has been appointed.

Appointment Current Affairs Quiz

  1. i) Who was appointed the next ambassador of India to the Republic of Azerbaijan?

Answer: B. Vinlalvna |


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