Current Affairs 25th October 2018

Current Affairs 25th October 2018- Get Daily GK Questions, Answers

  1. On October 24, 2018, the Supreme Court has clarified that , from which year will not the sale of India Stage-4 category vehicles in the country?

Answer: April 2020 |

2.What country and which country have signed the agreement for the operation of the Sepoy Port ?

  1. Myanmar |
  2. On 23 October 2018, India , Afghanistan and which country did their first tripartite talks on Chabahar port project?
  3. Iran |
  4. India and which country have signed the agreement for internal security cooperation ?

North China |

5.Which country recently announced the end of the nuclear weapons treaty ?

North- Russia |


Current Affairs 25th October 2018
  1. Which country has recently agreed to assist the 300 million dollars to Pakistan?

North: Saudi Arabia |

  1. In what country did the Indian government approve a joint working group on FINTEC ?
  2. Singapore |
  3. How did the central government decide to increase the allowance of the Asha Worker from Rs 5000 to encourage public health insurance scheme, Ayushman Bharat ?
  4. Six thousand bucks |
  5. On which occasion, 3000 women in India folk dance together in traditional costumes to give a message of women dignity ?

Answer: Kullu Dashera

  1. Which of the following leaders was selected for the year 2018 Seoul Peace Prize ?

Answer: Narendra Modi |


  1. According to the report released by the international organization , is privatization not beneficial for human rights?
  2. United Nations |
  3. In the Indian city, the announcement of a global meeting on maternal and child health in 2018 was announced?

North Delhi |

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