Current Affairs 29th November 2018

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Today Current Affairs 29th November 2018 in English-GK Questions


Current Affairs 29 November 2018
  1. Which company got the status of the Miniratna category recently by the Government of India? 
    A. NPCC.


  1. Which mission was launched by the Defense Minister to promote the development of new products in the defense industry and the development of new products? 
    A. Defense Knowledge is power.

    3. Which country struggling with a financial and political crisis, the United Nations issued an emergency fund of nearly Rs 65 crore to help in food and other sectors? 
    A. Venezuela.
  2. According to Barclays’ report, which company first got the credit for becoming the biggest e-commerce company in 2017-18, suppressing Flipkart? 
    A. Meghan India.5. In which country is the 12-month ban on mining in the rainbow hill present in the country which is a prominent place for tourists? 
    North Peru.

    6. At what place was the inauguration of the G-20 conference held? 
    North: Buenos Aires. 

    7. Who was appointed a chairperson of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) at that time? 
    Answer: Nageshwar Rao Guntur.

    8. Which state assembly recently passed the Green University (Amendment) Bill, 2018? 
    A. West Bengal.

    9. Who was the Convenor of the Task Force that the Central Board of Direct Taxes created a new direct tax law to the Central Board of Direct Taxes? 
    Answer: Akhilesh Ranjan.

    10. Which company recently shared with LIC to offer online insurance premiums on its platform? 
    answer-Petty M.

    11. According to Bharat Kaushal report 2019, the name of which state is highest in the list with the highest employment? 
    A. Andhra Pradesh.

12. Will the state’s popular singer Nahid Afrin be appointed as the first ‘youth lawyer’ by the UNICEF to fight for child rights?

  1. Assam.


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