Current Affairs 4th December 2018

Today Current Affairs 4th December 2018 in English-GK Questions

Today Current Affairs 4th December 2018 in English-GK Questions


Current Affairs 4th December 2018
  1. In which country did scientists filing patents for a new soundproof and heat resistant material made of recyclable plastic bottles?
  2. Singapore.
  3. World Bank Bank doubled the funding of 2021-25 to fight against climate change, how many billion dollars?
    Answer: $ 200 billion.

 3. The Defense Acquisition Council recently approved the purchase of defense equipment of how many million rupees?

  1. Rs 3,000 crore.
  2. According to the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry, what percentage of the 8 core infrastructure sector was in October 2018?
  3. 4.8 percent.

5. What engine of India, which engineered a speed of 180 kilometers per hour, successfully completed the trial run?

Answer: Train-18.

  1. Which website was launched for registration by the Ministry of Civil Aviation to fly a drone in India?

Answer: Digital Sky.
7. On the closing ceremony of the G-20 summit, which year was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to host India’s Summit?
Answer: 2022. 

  1. What campaign launched by the Indian Food Safety and Standards Authority to make people aware of the effects of Transfats?

Answer: Heart Attack Rewind. 

  1. Which program did the government launch to present the school students in 22 Indian languages? 

Answer: Language confluence.

  1. India will host the Indonesia Business Forum at what place?

North- Port Blair.

11. What was the announcement of the World Aviation Summit 2019 organized in which city?
North Mumbai.

  1. How much of the central government decided to transfer the debt to a special purpose vehicle of Air India? 
  2. 29000 million.

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