Daily Quick Current Affairs 21 June 2019 in English- Gk Quiz Questions

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Daily Quick Current Affairs 21 June 2019

1. The research done by the University of Collegia found that the speed of the glacier melting of the Himalayas is already in this century ?

A. doubled |

2. Who was recently sentenced to life imprisonment by a Jamnagar court in a custodial death case ?

Answer: Sanjeev Bhatt |

3. How long did the appointment committee of the Union Cabinet extend to the tenure of Director General of Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Alok Vardhan Chaturvedi ?

A. Three Month |

4. How much money did the Chief Minister announce to provide financial assistance to Major Ketan Sharma’s family, who was martyred in an encounter with the terrorists in Anantnag ?

A. Rs 25 million |

5. President of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, who won the title of Star of Jerusalem, Sheikh Mohammed Munir Ansari, a citizen of which country ?

North India |

6. Which credit rating agency expressed the possibility of improvement in the field of wind energy in the financial year 2020 ?

Answer: ikra |

7. Which state government did the minimum compensation of 5,000 rupees for farmers on the loss of crops due to natural calamity ?

A. Madhya Pradesh |

8.World Food India will be organized in which city between November 1 and 4, 2019 ?

North Delhi |

9. Which country’s women team did the record to earn the lowest score ?

Answer: Mali |

10.Which state government decided to give monthly unemployment allowance to 3500 unemployed graduates ?

A. The Government of Rajasthan |


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