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Daily Quick Current Affairs 29 June 2019- GK Quiz Questions

Current Affairs 29 June 2019

1. By the year 2025, the central government made a national strategic plan for the eradication of which disease?

A. TB |

2. Which country has the goAML application created against money laundering?

A. United Arab Emirates |

3. In which country was the approval to freeze Neerav Modi and his sister Eastern Bank’s bank account?

North- Switzerland |

4. Which actress and director of South Indian films recently passed away?

A. Vijaya Nirmala |

5. In which state was the search of ‘Imprested Turtle’?

North: Arunachal Pradesh |

6.G20 Conference 2019 is being organized at what place?

Answer: Osaka |

7. In which country did women launch Birth Strike campaign for climate change?

A. UK |

8. According to the Periodical Labor Force Survey in Parliament of India, which state was given the highest unemployment rates?

A. Nagaland |

9. In which state’s Chief Minister did the strict instructions to the officers, district officials and superintendents of the state to reach the office by nine o’clock in the morning?

A. UP |

10. Which campaign launched by the government to raise awareness among people trying to enter illegally in Australia?

Answer: Zero Chance

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