Daily Quick Current Affairs 03 July 2019- Gk Quiz Questions

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Current Affairs 03 July 2019

2. The Working Group has been constituted by the Central Government to review the Wholesale Price Index, who was elected as its Chairman?

Answer : Ramesh Chand.

3. Which state government approved the formation of the Vedic Education Board?

North : Rajasthan

4. Now, Vijaya Nirmala has died, which area was it connected to?

Answer : Film |

5. In which state was the singh Khabbas Sindhu Festival 2019 celebrated?

North : Jammu and Kashmir |

6. Who was the head of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) appointed?

Answer : Samant Kumar Goyal.

7. Who was appointed as the chairman of the Indian Export Federation?

Answer: – Sharad Kumar Sarraf.

8. For the eradication of TB disease in India, with which international organization did the Union Government compromise for $ 400 million loan?

Answer : World Bank |

9. What is the “Go Tribal” campaign launched at the moment?

Answer : Tribal Handicrafts and Natural Product Promotion.

10. Who was appointed as the Governor of Manipur?

Answer – Padmanabh Acharya |

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