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Home » How To Prepare for Written Exam | Tips to crack All Competitive Exams

How To Prepare for Written Exam | Tips to crack All Competitive Exams

    How To Prepare for Written Exam

    Dear students if you are preparing for any exam and aware to know the right way to prepare for any exam to get good marks. Students who are willing to know How to prepare for the written exams can check this article. In this article, you get all the simple ways to prepare for any exam. As we all know that, written exams are based on knowledge, working skills, and abilities to study that is required for a particular post or test. So, don’t down your confidence to prepare for any exam and you have to attempt the following strategy.

    Here we are providing simple tips to prepare for the written exams, students need to follow those tips and prepare for the written exams very easily.  Nowadays, there are different departments that use a written examination as the main section of the degree requirements or any of the post’s requirements. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each and every competitor to prepare well for the exam to score well. In this concern, we the team of are presenting you with the top Tips to Crack Written Examination.


    Tips To Prepare For Written Exam:


    Assemble Study Materials:

    Students need to collect proper study material related to the examination in which they’re going to appear in. It is the first step to prepare well for any examinations. Candidates need to Considered the examination syllabus is normally a good idea to start early. So, take maximum study material from toppers, list of the best books available in the market as per the up-to-date syllabus for each subject.


    Examine Exam Pattern of Exam:

    Students need to know the exam pattern of the exam which includes its sections, the number of questions, how many marks does each section or question carries, its nature whether subjective or objective, is there any method of providing negative marking or not. Knowing the exam patterns help a lot in the preparation of any exam. So you should have proper knowledge of exam patterns.


    Proper make Exam Schedule:

    Students need to prepare an examination schedule to divide the subjects and provide proper time to each subject. By doing so, you may give proper time to each and every subject. If you will begin your preparation without any planning, it will become difficult for you to manage your subjects. So you all are advised to make the exam strategy.


    Make your own short & Easy Notes:

    This is good way to start your study as you are thinking about the information as you try to understand it and put it into your own words. First, make notes in kind of points which are unswervingly taking you to the basic concept of the topic. Students don’t need to make long notes. By doing this, you’re able to memorize things effortlessly and this is the best way to make the information recalled in a trouble-free and effective manner.


    Revision is Must:

    Revision is the key to successful candidates’ need to revise every day before jumping to the next chapter. In this way, you’re able to memorize the previously learned things, as it is a myth that learned things start getting blur over time. In each study, period spends some of that time learning and memorizing and some of the time practicing the skills of the subject.


    Boost Your Speed:

    Some students have a good speed, but some may not have. So try to increase your speed by solving queries, sample question papers, and give yourself a time limit.


    Students need to Follow Expert direction:

    Students must follow the expert’s guidelines to qualify for any of the exams. To score well in any of the competitive examinations, you can also Follow Expert direction. Because, it is obvious that, if we get expert guidance for any exam preparation, it gets much easy to solve any previous year papers, whatever the trouble comes in.


    Be aware of negative marking:

    Candidates who’re going to appear in any one of the exams, must ensure that is there a negative marking or not? After getting the answer to this question, start your examination and give answers accordingly.


    Remember The Tips And Tricks:

    Candidates need to try to create your own tip and tricks and memorize it. So, when you’re starting your preparation for any of the examinations, learn each and every trick, also keep in mind the strategy to solve particular questions.


    Take a short Break:


    Students must take a break of 10 to 15 minutes. For occurrence, if you’re a the gym, then you will not go to work out for long hours, it is obvious that you will take breaks in between so likewise! Studies have shown that for long-term retention of knowledge, taking breaks brings boosting energy within you.


    Solve Quizzes:

    This can be easily done if we read one page and after then succinct it in our head or on paper or by doing the end of section quizzes in your textbook. So solve more and more quizzes to increase the speed.


    Useful Tips To Crack Written Exam:

    • Plan your revision to give yourself plenty of time to revise before the written exams.
    • Do not depend only on lecture / seminar notes on every topic.
    • Make Sure you have read more extensively and have included ideas from this wider reading.
    • Make Sure you know accurately what every examination will (and will not) cover.


    Final Words:

    We hope that the above-given tips are very useful for students to crack any written exam. Students get more important updates from this page so keep visiting this page of You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.