IGNOU Date Sheet 2024 Link Download Term End Exam Schedule PDF

Check and download the latest IGNOU Date Sheet June 2024 for upcoming exam fo all courses by the University. The IGNOU Date Sheet 2024 for Term-end Examination of UG/PG, Diploma, Certificate Courses has been announced by IGNOU on its official site. Interested candidates now check out the Date and Time as per Programme and Course wise below given in this article. Students can check the complete details about IGNOU June TEE Exam 2024  here and check this page for regular IGNOU Exams Updates. 

ignou date sheet

IGNOU Date Sheet 2024

IGNOU University has released the tentatively IGNOU Date sheet 2024 for Term End Exams at its official site. IGNOU UG/PG TEE will be conducted from June to July 2024. Students can check the complete details regarding IGNOU TEE Date Sheet 2024 from this page. Here, you can check all the details about  IGNOU Term End Exam Dates and The IGNOU Exam time table PDF   uploaded on the official website of IGNOU. After the release of the Date sheet, the admit card will be made available to the candidates so that they can appear for the examination.

The candidates are looking for the date sheet/schedule for the examination. However, the authority will soon declare the important details regarding the Term end examinations. The examination authority will soon provide all the students of B.Com, B.A, B.B.A, BCA, MA, MSc, M.Com, B.Ed to obtain the subject timetable in a single pdf.


IGNOU Date Sheet 2024 Overview 

Name of Conducting Body Indira Gandhi National Open University
Name of the Exam IGNOU Term End Exam
IGNOU Exam Dates  June- July 2024 

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IGNOU Date Sheet 2024

Download Here IGNOU Date Sheet 2024 PDF !! Indira Gandhi National Open University is going to conduct the term-End Exam very soon. Those individuals, who are planning to participate in the following exam, must download the IGNOU Exam Date Sheet from this page. To download in pdf format students need to visit the official website of the Indira Gandhi National Open University. Or they can get the IGNOU Date Sheet for December Term End Exam by pressing the mentioned below link.

IGNOU Date Sheet 2024 PDF

Indira Gandhi National Open University has released the IGNOU Date Sheet (Term End Examination) on its official site!! Download IGNOU UG/PG Schedule PDF from here. Students can download their IGNOU Term End Exam Time Table directly by pressing the given link while you may go through the hassle-free guidelines also.

IGNOU TEE Date Sheet June 2024 :  IGNOU exam date sheet for June TEE 2024 has been released for all programs. Students can download the TEE date sheet on the official website @ignou.ac.in. IGNOU Date Sheet has been released for the June TEE 2024. The exam will commence on 01 June 2024 and the last exam will be held on 06 July 2024.

IGNOU Date Sheet 2024: TEE Exam Schedule

Date & Day Morning ( 10:00 AM TO 1:00 PM)
Evening (2:00 PM TO 5:00 PM)
01.06.2024 SAT MS01/ BHC005/ DECE01/ MER001/ MIS022/ PHE11/
MEDS051/ MMPC014/ MRW006/
03.06.2024 MON MIS021/ MS08/ BHC006/ DECE02/ FST01/ ECO09/MS02/ MAW002/ BPSE212/ BLE004/ DECE03/ IBO4/
BEGG174/ BPAG174/ BPCG174/ BSKG172/ BANC132/ BBCCT107/
04.06.2024 TUE MCMM001/ MCMM101/ MHD02/ MPS001/ MS09/ MSO001/
BHDAE182/ BEGS185/ BPCS187/ BSOS185/ BCOS185/ BEYE022/
05.06.2024 WED BPAC134/ BPYC134/ BCHCT131/
RSO101/ MAL002/ MRW005/ PHE16/
06.06.2024 THU BHIC110/ BPSC110/ BPCC109/ BECC107/ BMTC132/
BPAS186/ BPCS188/ BCOS186 / BPSC132/ BPYC132/
07.06.2024 FRI BSOC105/ BPCC105/ BCOC138/ BGYCT133/ BANC134/
BPSE142/ BGYET147/ BEGC132/
08.06.2024 SAT BAPI004/ MWR001/ BJM001/ BLE011/ BLE031/ BLE035/
BECC132/ BUDC102/ BANE143/ BCHCT137/ BEGE141/
10.06.2024 MON BMTE141/ BPCC133/ BHIC133/
BTTLA135/ BSLS183/ BBCET141/ BPSE144/ BPHCT133/
11.06.2024 TUE BHIC106/ / BPCC106/ BPAC106/ BANC106/ BEGC106/
BNRI104/ MAM053/ BNM022/ MAL005/
12.06.2024 WED MIS025/ MSE033/ MCD001/ MST012/ MGG008/
BPSE143/ BGYCT131/ BANC103/ BPYE142/
13.06.2024 THU CHE05/ CNCC01/ BAPI006/ BLE033/
BHIC102/ BPCC102/ BPAC102/ BSOC102/ BSOC111/
14.06.2024 FRI BPAC107/ BSOC107/ BANC108/ BBCCT115/ BEGC108/
BSKC101/ BEGC103/ BHDC103/ BEGE145/ BCOG171/
15.06.2024 SAT BHDC109/ BPAE142/ BMTC134/
BSKC102/ BECE144/ BHIE142/
18.06.2024 TUE BHDC110/ BANC133/ BECC133/ BUDC106/
BUDAE181/ BZYCT133/ BSKC103/ BPSE146/ BPAC132/ MHI107/
19.06.2024 WED MST015/ MGG004/ REVE001/ MSKE010/
BSOE142/ BPSC113/ BZYET143/
20.06.2024 THU BANE145/ BESC134/ BSKS186/ BUDC107/
BSW125/ MVP002/ BPVI024/ BNM024/
21.06.2024 FRI BBCCT111/ BPAE143/ BSKC109/
BHMCT103/ BHDC102/ BEGC102/ BBCCT103/
22.06.2024 SAT MCD004/ RLI011/ RHI103/REC101/ REVE003/BGGCT135/ BESC133/ BESE141/
BECC101/ BHIC101/ BPCC101/ BEGC101/ BHDC101/
24.06.2024 MON MS24/ MS44/ MS54/ MS64/ MFP02/ BSW127/ BHT001/
MEG10/ MPCE013/ MPCE023/ MPCE033/ MANE004/
25.06.2024 TUE BUDC133/ BZYCT137/ BEGLA137/ BUDC109/ BSKAE181/
MEG11/ MANE005/ MRDE004/ MTTM08/ MTM08/ MEVE17
26.06.2024 WED BEGC114/ BPCE142/ BANC104/ BSKC106/
BPCC104/ BPAC104/ BSOC104/ BEGC131/
27.06.2024 THU BGYET141/ BPSC107/ BEGE143/
BCHET149/ BEGLA136/ BSOE143/ BBCET145/
28.06.2024 FRI BBYET143/ BTMC138/ BECC109/ BEGC133/ BSKC107/
BSOC114/ BSKC131/ BUDC131/ BSKE142/ BHDC131/
29.06.2024 SAT BSKC133/ BPCE145/ BCOLA138/
BHIC132/ BEGC113/ BHIE145/ BHDC113/
01.07.2024 MON BYG002/ RHD101/ RDE102/ RPCE106/
BANS184/ BECS184/ BPAS184/ BPCS186/ BSOS184/
02.07.2024 TUE RJM102/ RHCE001/ RRD002/
MMPO006/ MMPM006/DHHM03/ MHH103/ BPVI007
03.07.2024 WED BHDLA137/ BSOE145/ BERC132/
BEGE142/ BBCCT121/ BPCE143/ BUDS186/ BPSC102
04.07.2024 THU BGYET141/ BPSC107/ BEGE143/
BHDLA138/ BPHET143/ BHDE141/ BBCCT123/
05.07.2024 FRI BBYET143/ BTMC138/ BECC109/ BEGC133/ BSKC107/
MIR023/ MHYI043/ MRWE002/ CNSAH-002
06.07.2024 SAT BSKC133/ BPCE145/ BCOLA138/
MMPF007/ BLII013/ MCO024/ BGS03/ BFO010

Download IGNOU TEE June 2024 Date Sheet PDF 


How to Download IGNOU Date Sheet 2024 PDF?

Follow the below steps to download the IGNOU Exam Date Sheet available below; follow them and get your IGNOU Exam Date Sheet.

  1. First of all, visit the IGNOU official website of the university i.e. www.ignou.ac.in.
  2. Now search for the “Downloads” option present on the home for IGNOU TEE Date Sheet December.
  3. Click on the link “IGNOU TEE Exam Date Sheet December”.
  4. Your IGNOU Exam Time Table/ IGNOU  Date Sheet will be shown in PDF form.
  5. Check your IGNOU Exam Schedule/ IGNOU Time Table and download IGNOU Term End Exam.
  6. At last, take a printout of the IGNOU Exam Scheme and prepare according to the IGNOU Exam Routine for Term End Examinations.



IGNOU Official Site

IGNOU Date Sheet 2024 – FAQs

When will IGNOU University conduct the December Term End Examination?

The authorities of IGNOU will conduct a TEE from 01st June to 06th July 2023.

How To Download IGNOU TEE Exam Sheet?

Students who filled online IGNOU Term End exam form can download TEE Date Sheet @ www.ignou.ac.in and the same pdf is updated here

What is the IGNOU Official Site?

IGNOU official site is www.ignou.ac.in.

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