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Today Current Affairs 15th December 2018- Daily GK Questions, Quiz


The fourth edition of the Partnership Form 2018 was concluded in New Delhi, which statement is correct

  1. A) Its aim is to reduce child and female mortality rates.
  2. B) hosted it for the second time in India
  3. C) Partnership Form is a Global Health Partnership Program
  4. D) All right, right




  1. Central Underground Water Authority (CGWA) approved the beginning of water conservation fee for the first time in the country when it will apply
  2. A) June 1, 2019
  3. B) January 1, 2019
  4. C) 1 February 2019
  5. D) March 1, 2019




  1. What is the correct statement regarding SpaceShipTwo in the recent discussion?
  2. A) This is an aircraft manufactured by the California Virgin Galactic Company.
  3. B) This is the highest flying aircraft ever
  4. C) It made a new history by flying at an altitude of 51 mile
  5. D) All right is right




  1. The ITM trilateral highway project in which the recent news relates to which country
  2. A) India
  3. B) Myanmar
  4. C) Thailand
  5. D) All suitable




  1. Which of the following countries has banned the new currency of India?
  2. A) Sri Lanka
  3. B) Nepal
  4. C) Bhutan
  5. D) Myanmar




  1. Madhu Babu Pension Scheme has announced to give benefits to 5 lakh additional elderly people which is the plan of which state
  2. A) Madhya Pradesh
  3. B) Orissa
  4. C) Bihar
  5. D) Rajasthan




According to the report released by Q. SIPRI, how many Indian companies are involved in the 100 largest arms manufacturers in the world.

  1. A) 2
  2. B) 3
  3. C) 4
  4. D) 5

Note * – Indian Ordnance Factory (37th), Hindustan Aeronautics (38th), Bharat Electronics (64th), India Dynamics (94th)




  1. Who is elected the new Chief Minister of Rajasthan
  2. A) Sachin Pilot
  3. B) Vasundhara Raje
  4. C) Ashok Gehlot
  5. D) CP Joshi




  1. India signed a bilateral annual Hajj 2019 agreement with which country?
  2. A) Iraq
  3. B) Saudi Arabia
  4. C) Narnies
  5. D) Qatar




  1. The winners of the Lokmat Parliamentary Award 2018 were announced, which statement is correct in relation to it.
  2. A) Sharad Pawar, Murali Manohar Joshi was given the Lifetime Achievement Award
  3. B) Gulab Nabi Azad, Shashikant Dubey was awarded the excellent MP award
  4. C) Best Female MP Ram Devi was elected
  5. D) All right is right




  1. Which of the following countries has set up the world’s first floating nuclear power plant
  2. A) China
  3. B) Japan
  4. C) India
  5. D) Russia




  1. What is the name of India’s largest and heavier satellite recently launched
  2. A) Mangalyaan 2
  3. B) GSAT 11
  4. C) Arian 6
  5. D) GSAT 17

Ans. GSAT 17



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