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Top 3 Best Leadership and Management Courses

Organizations are always looking for candidates with the potential to succeed as managers and leaders. No matter which industry type you choose, a good leader is always required to guide and motivate the team. If you want to grow to prominent positions in any company, having good management and leadership skills is an added advantage. In today’s competitive corporate environment, these abilities can help you stand out from the crowd.

Many individuals think that management and leadership are only learned through experience. But this is untrue. Management and leadership courses can help you be aware of your challenges while working and teach you how to tackle them. Making a good blend of practical exposure and theoretical knowledge is important.

best leadership and management courses


Online Leadership And Management Courses

Online courses can offer you a great opportunity to learn from industry experts from your home. You can choose when to watch the lectures according to your schedule. Interactive courses are also available for those who prefer a more traditional classroom setting.

If you are a working professional, you can look for MBA online courses that will allow you to get your MBA while continuing to work. Getting an MBA from a good university can help you enhance your resume by demonstrating the fact that you have business and management skills. You can explore degree courses as well as certificate courses from reputed universities like Great Lakes University, PES University, and Shiv Nadar University.

There are numerous courses in management if you want to concentrate on developing your managerial abilities. You can enroll in an intensive certificate program in a specialized field, such as digital marketing, product management, business analytics, etc. The length of the courses varies from two weeks to two or three years.

Here are the top 3 management and leadership courses by Great Learning that you can pursue in 2023. These programs will significantly boost your resume and give you access to a wide range of career prospects.

1. Future Leaders Program by the National University of Singapore Business School

This leadership program is designed by the renowned National University of Singapore (NUS) in collaboration with Great Learning to help managers to become great leaders. It is a 3-month online program for anyone seeking leadership positions in any industry.

The training covers various topics, including personal branding, stakeholder management, performance challenges, and soft skills like self-awareness, motivation, and decision-making. The curriculum contains all the abilities necessary for outstanding leaders and is created with the real business environment in mind.

The program has hands-on assignments and projects that will provide you with the skills required for leadership. Industry experts review the assignments, and personalized feedback is provided to you.

This internationally recognized course is appropriate for both freshers and working professionals. After finishing the course, you will be rewarded with a certificate from the National University of Singapore. It is a widely respected qualification and will be very valuable to your career.

2. Post Graduate Diploma in Management from Great Lakes Institute of Management

Great Lakes Institute of Management is one of the top business schools in India. This is an intensive 24-month course offered by the school for those who want to make a good career in management. It is a fully online course with dedicated career support and live classes. It is very affordable compared to a full-time MBA degree from a similar college. If you miss a lesson, you can also access recorded lectures.

This content of the course was created with the real business world in mind. Topics, including marketing management, organizational behavior, human resource management, financial management, strategic management, etc., are covered in the core courses of the first year. In the second year, more emphasis will be given to advanced concepts such as business research methods, business analytics, and communication in the working environment.

This course also includes a specialization project. You can choose a project related to analytics, marketing, or operations. You will also receive your own ‘E-Portfolio’ at the end of the course. The portfolio will contain snippets from all of the projects completed by you during the program. It is also shareable on social media channels. It will help you demonstrate the skills acquired from this course.

The university will help you to build a good resume and will also provide support for interview preparation. Students have gained up to 50% salary hikes by leveraging the learnings from this course.

The course will allow you to interact with a diverse group of like-minded people. This will help you to build your professional network and will help you grow as a professional.

3. Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree Program by Shiv Nadar University

This is a unique online MBA degree program designed by Shiv Nadar University, with the perfect blend of knowledge and networking. You can choose to get a specialization in one of the four domains available- Data Science and Analytics, Marketing, Digital Finance, and Human Resources. The course has live and interactive lectures led by industry experts in the domain of your choice.

The university also organizes on-campus sessions periodically so that the students can interact with each other offline. They also organize local meetups in all major metro cities in India to facilitate physical interactions between the students. Also, offer one-on-one mentorship sessions to students and support for getting a job. They provide a list of job opportunities shared by more than two thousand companies and guide by way of mock interviews and training sessions.

The program has world-class faculty consisting of professors from renowned universities and working professionals from corporates as well. The curriculum is based on application-based projects across more than 22 domains that aim to solve real-world problems. Industry experts mentor these projects.

The university offers career assistance by organizing recruitment drives, resume-building sessions, and expert mentorship and provides access to a list of curated jobs.

This course can be a great addition to your existing resume and can help you get the next salary hike as well.


These courses will help you become a better manager, leader, and professional. You can pick the course that suits your requirements and your interests. Choosing a course that aligns with your professional aspirations is the key here. Applying for the best management courses online can significantly help you become a great manager and leader. Besides that, on-hands experience does play a big role in making you a competent manager and a visionary leader.