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UPPSC BEO Syllabus 2024 PDF Download

Download the complete UPPSC BEO Syllabus 2024 pdf in Hindi and also check the Exam Pattern from this page: UPPSC is all set to conduct the Written Test for the Post of Basic Shiksha Adhikari Job. Recently, UPPSC Block Education Officer Notification was issued by the recruiting authority for various Vacancies of Khand Shiksha Adhikari Posts. As per official web Advt. officials will conduct a Written Test for this Block Education Officer Job in two Parts which are known as Prelims and Mains Test. So, for preparing well candidates must have knowledge of UPPSC BEO Syllabus and Exam patterns.

UPPSC BEO Syllabus 2024

After the official notification has been announced by UPPSC, over Lakhs of applicants will show their Interest in this Recruitment Test. If you are an applicant for UPPSC Basic Shiksha Adhikari Post – then you should start your exam preparation by downloading the complete UPPSC BEO Syllabus pdf available on this Page. Candidates can easily download the updated UPPSC Basic Shiksha Adhikari Syllabus with Exam Pattern and start their examination Preparation. Look below for the complete UPPSC Syllabus and Exam Pattern.

UPPSC Block Education Officer Syllabus 2024 Overview 

Official Department Name: Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission

Name of Exam: UPPSC Block Education Officer Exam

Total Jobs: 309 Seats

Syllabus Availability: Pdf Format

Official web

UPPSC Basic Shiksha Adhikari Syllabus

UPPSC BEO Recruitment- Selection Procedure

Selection will be done on the basis of the Prelims & Mains Test. Hence, on this page, we have updated the detailed UPPSC BEO Syllabus for Preliminary Examination and Main Exam. Applicants who will clear the Prelims Test will be called up to appearing in the Mains Test by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission.

(UPPSC BEO Prelims Exam Pattern)

Parameters Details
Exam Name UPPSC BEO Exam
Paper Language English/Hindi
Examination Timing Morning/ Evening
Subjects General Studies
Negative Marking Applicable
Duration of Exam 2 Hour (120 Minutes)
Mode of Exam Offline Paper
Type of Test Pen and Paper Based
Questions Type Objective Type (M.C.Q’s)
Total Questions 120 Questions
Total Marks of Paper 300 Marks
Subject-Topics Cover Under UPPSC BEO Prelims Exam :

General Science

·         History of India

·         Indian National Movement

·         Indian Agriculture, Commerce & Trade

·         Population, Ecology & urbanization (In India context)

·         World Geography & Indian Geography & Natural Resources of India

·         Indian Polity, Economy & Culture

·         Current National and International Important events

·         General Intelligential including Logic & Reasoning

·         Specific Knowledge regarding Education, Culture, Agriculture, Industry Trade, Living & Social Traditions of Uttar Pradesh

·         Elementary Mathematics up to Class 10th level: -Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry.

UPPSC Khand Shiksha Adhikari Syllabus

(UPPSC BEO Mains Exam Pattern)

Parameters Details
Exam Name UPPSC BEO Mains Exam
Paper Language English/Hindi
Examination Timing Morning/ Evening
Subjects General Studies
Negative Marking Applicable
Duration of Exam 3 Hour for each Paper
Mode of Exam Offline Paper
Type of Test Pen and Paper Based
Questions Type Objective Type (M.C.Q’s) & Essay Writing
Total Questions 40 Questions
Total Marks of Paper 400 Marks
Subject-Topics Cover Under UPPSC BEO Mains Exam:

·         History of India

·         Indian National Movement and Indian Culture

·         Geography of India

·         Indian Polity

·         Indian Agriculture

·         Current National Issues and topics of Social relevance, India and the World

·         Indian Economy

·         International Affairs and Institutions

·         Development in the field of Science and Technology, Communication and Space

·         Recent development in education (Indian context)

·         Specific knowledge regarding Culture, Agriculture, Industry Trade, Living & Social Traditions of Uttar Pradesh

UPPSC Block Education Officer Syllabus

UPPSC Basic Shiksha Adhikari Syllabus for General Science:


·         Plant tissue

·         Photosynthesis

·         Classification of Organisms.

·         Cytology

·         Plant Morphology

·         Genetics

·         Structure of Plant and Animal Cell

·         Classification of Plant Kingdom

·         Transport system in Plant

·         Human Circulatory system.

·         The Heart

·         Composition of Blood

·         Functions of Blood

·         Asexual Reproduction in Plants

·         Plant Hormones

·         Respiration and Excretion in plants

·         The Cell: The foundation of all living things

·         Cell: Structure and Functions

·         Mode of Nutrition in Plant

·         Control and Coordination in Plant

·         Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plant

·         Excretory system in Humans

·         Respiratory system in Humans

·         Plant Diseases

·         Cell Division

·         Miscellaneous

·         Control and Coordination in Human

·         Human Reproductive system

·         Human Digestive system

·         The five kingdoms of life

·         Mode of Nutrition in Animal

·         Food and Nutrition

·         Human Diseases

·         Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion

·         Classification of Animal Kingdom

·         Nutrition in Animal

·         Sexual Reproduction in Animal

·         Respiration in Animals


·         Floatation

·         Units & Dimensions

·         Current Electricity

·         Magnetism

·         Work, Energy, and Power

·         Surface Tension

·         Viscosity

·         Elasticity

·         Gravitation

·         Pressure

·         Motion

·         The kinetic theory of matter

·         Magnetic effect of electric current

·         The Human eye and Defects

·         Static Electricity

·         Nuclear fission and fusion

·         Electromagnetism

·         Simple Harmonic Motion

·         Wave

·         Sound Wave

·         Heat & Thermodynamics

·         Light

·         Atomic and Nuclear Physics

·         Scientific Instruments.

·         Inventions

·         Radioactivity

·         The four fundamental forces


·         Chemical Bonding

·         Behavior of Gases

·         Metals and Non-metals

·         Chemical Reactions

·         Radioactivity

·         Electrochemistry

·         Periodic Classification of Element.

·         Oxidation and Reduction

·         Electrolysis

·         Matter and its state

·         List of important Drugs and Chemicals

·         Fertilizers

·         Concepts of pH scale

·         Metallurgy

·         Carbon and its Compound

·         Fuels

·         Atomic Structure

·         Acids, Base, and Salts

·         Catalyst

·         Hydrocarbons

UPPSC BEO Exam Syllabus in Hindi Pdf 

UPPSC BEO Syllabus for Reasoning Subject:

·         Mirror Images

·         Directions

·         Coding-Decoding

·         Number Series

·         Analogy

·         Cubes and Dice

·         Arithmetical Reasoning

·         Non-Verbal Series

·         Decision Making

·         Embedded Figures

·         Blood Relations

·         Clocks & Calendars

·         Alphabet Series

·         Number Ranking

UPPSC BEO Syllabus for General Knowledge Subject:

·         Geography – India & UP & World

·         Indian Constitution

·         Science & Technology

·         Sports

·         Current Events – National & International

·         Indian National Movement

·         UP History

·         General Awareness

·         Economy

·         General Policy

·         Indian History

·         Cultural Heritage

UPPSC Khand Shiksha Adhikari Syllabus for Current Affairs:

·         Sports

·         People & Places in News

·         Awards, Summits & Conferences

·         Government Schemes, Agreement & Deal

·         Science & Technology

·         Defense

·         Books by Famous Personalities

·         Daily News, National and International News

UPPSC Block Education Officer Syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude & Numerical Ability Subject:

·         Computation of Whole Numbers

·         Logical Problems

·         Making Judgments

·         Percentages

·         Menstruation

·         Statement & Argument

·         Operations Research & Linear Programming

·         Essential Part

·         Analogies

·         Logical Deduction

·         Cause & Effect

·         Number Series

·         Algebra

·         Verbal Reasoning

·         Differential Geometry

·         Artificial Language

·         Letter & Symbol Series

·         Verbal Classification

·         Matching Definitions

·         Statement & Conclusion

·         Theme Detection

·         Fractions

·         Dynamics

·         Discounts

·         Time and Work

·         Data Interpretation

·         Fundamental Arithmetical Operations

·         Number System

·         Time and Distance

·         Computation of Whole Numbers

·         Use of Tables and Graphs

·         Decimal & Fractions

·         Averages

·         Ratio and Time

·         HCF & LCM

·         Percentages

·         Simple & Compound Interest

·         Profit and Loss

·         Relationship between Numbers Basic Mathematics

·         Differential Equations

·         Analytical Geometry

·         Number Systems

·         Calculus

·         Statistics

·         Relationship between Numbers

·         Tables and Graphs

·         Fundamental arithmetical operations

·         Simplification

·         Mensuration

UPPSC Basic Shiksha Adhikari Syllabus for History of India:

·         Prehistoric cultures in India

·         Indus Civilization. Origins- the different phases- society, economy, and culture- Contacts with other cultures- factors lead to the decline.

·         Geographical distribution and characteristics of pastoral and farming society.

·         Vedic Society-Vedic texts- change from Rigvedic to later Vedic phases.

·         Vedic society Religion- Upanishad Thought-Political and social organization, the evolution of Varna system and monarchy.

·         Formation of the State and urbanization, from the Mahajanapadas to the Nandas.

·         Buddhism and Jainism- Factors for the spread of Buddhism.

·         Indo-Greeks, Sakas, Parthians, Kushans, Kanishka-Contacts with the outer world.

·         Different Religion- Bhagavatism, Saivism, Mahayana Buddhism and Hinayana, Jainism and Culture and art.

·         The Gupta’s and their descendants.

·         British extension: The Carnatic Wars, invasion of Bengal. Mysore and its confrontation to British expansion: The three Anglo-Maratha Wars. Regulating and Pitt’s India Acts. Early composition of the British raj.

·         Economic Impact of the British Raj: Mahalwari; land revenue settlements like Zamindari, Ryotwari, Deindustrialization; Railways and commercialization of agriculture; increase of landless labor.

·         Confrontation to British rule: Early uprisings; The 1857 Revolt-reasons, character, course and result.

·         Indian Freedom struggle the first stage: Growth of national consciousness; creation of Associations; Establishment of the Indian National Congress and its Moderate stage; Swadeshi Movement; Economic Nationalism; The development of Extremism and the split in Congress; The policy of Divide and Rule; Congress-League Pact of 1916.

·         India independent to 1964. Foreign policy of Non-alignment, Planning and state-controlled industrialization, A parliamentary, democratic, secular. Jawaharlal Nehru’s vision, Agrarian modification.

UP BEO Exam Syllabus

UPPSC Block Education Officer Syllabus for Indian National Movement:

·         Morley Minto Act 1909

·         Government of India Act 1919

·         Khilafat and Non Cooperation Movement

·         Simon Commission and Nehru Report

·         Civil Disobedience Movement

·         Revolutionary Terrorism in 1920s

·         Second World War and Proposals by British Government- August Offer, Cripps mission, Wavell Plan, Mountbatten Plan

·         Early Indian national movement (1858-1905)

·         Indian National Army (Azad Hind Fauj)

·         Muslim League and Congress

·         Revolt of 1857

·         Government of India Act 1935

·         India independence Act 1947

·         Home rule movement 1916

·         Emergence of mahatma Gandhi – Champaran Satyagraha, Kheda Satyagraha, Ahmadabad Mill Strike, Satyagraha against Rowlatt Act.

·         Swaraj Party

·         National movement in 1940s – Individual Satyagraha, Quit India Movement Etc.

·         Socio and religious reform movements during 19th century like anti sati act, widow remarriage act etc.

UP BEO Exam Syllabus for Indian Agriculture, Commerce & Trade:

·         Agriculture and Economic Development

·         Diversification of Rural Economic Activities

·         Agricultural Production and Productivity

·         Rural Savings and Capital Formation

·         Agricultural Prices

·         Agricultural Business Management

·         Forms of Business Organisation

·         Production Relationships

·         Cost Concept

·         Farm Planning

·         Agricultural Marketing

·         Agribusiness and Balance Sheet Analysis

·         Project Preparation

·         Role of Agro-Processing in Agribusiness Development

·         Present Status of Food Industry in India

·         Risk Management

UPPSC BEO Exam Syllabus in Hindi for World Geography & Indian Geography:

·         Geomorphology

·         Climatology

·         Oceanography

·         Environmental Geography

·         Settlement Patterns

·         Population Composition

·         Human Development

·         Primary

·         Secondary and Tertiary Activities

·         Transport

·         Communication

·         Trade


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Candidates can download updated & Detailed UPPSC BEO Syllabus and Exam Pattern in Hindi pdf Format – they can click on the link provided above and start their written Examination Preparation for upcoming UPPSC Basic Shiksha Adhikar Prelims & Mains Exam. Thanks