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CCC Syllabus 2024 Check Topics And Exam Pattern

CCC Syllabus: Are you searching for complete CCC Exam Syllabus and exam pattern ? If yes, then you are at the right place. Candidates who are successful submitted the CCC Application form and preparing for this NIELIT CCC exam check the updated syllabus and exam pattern from this page.

CCC Syllabus 2024

CCC Course Syllabus includes all the important subjects that are from basics to advanced in Computer like the Internet, the World Wide Web, Web Browsers, GUI based Operating systems, Word Processing, Social Networking, Creating formal presentations, etc.

Course Topics for CCC Syllabus 2024

A tabular representation of the most important subjects that are covered in the CCC Course Syllabus as of 2024 is provided below:

Computer Communication Internet
Social Networking, Social Governance, and E-mail Spreadsheets
WWW and Web Browsers Introduction to Computer
Overview of Future Skills & Cyber Security. Digital Financial Tools and Applications
Introduction to GUI-Based Operating System Communication and Collaboration
Making Small Presentations Elements of Word Processing


In the following sections, we have provided the NIELIT CCC Syllabus in brief and the detailed NIELIT CCC Course Syllabus as of 2024:

NIELIT CCC Syllabus in Brief

Check the detailed course outline for the NIELIT CCC Course Syllabus in the tabular representation below:

Unit Name Total Number of Hours
Tutorials Theory Practical
Computer Communication and Internet 4 5
Spreadsheets 2 4 10
WWW and Web Browsers 2 3
Introduction to Computer 1 2 4
Introduction to GUI-Based Operating System 3 8
Communication and Collaboration 2 2
Making Small Presentations 4 8
Elements of Word Processing 2 4 10
Total 5 25 50

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NIELIT CCC Course Syllabus

Here’s a detailed tabular representation of the NIELIT CCC Course Syllabus along with the important units taught and the topics covered in the CCC course as of 2024.

Unit Name

Topics Covered

Computer Communication

and Internet

Introduction to Computer Communication and Internet

Objectives of Computer Communication and Internet

Internet: Concepts and Basics of Internet Architecture

Internet Services: Websites and World Wide Web, Internet Communication

Computer Networks and Basics: LAN, WAN, etc.

A computer for Internet Access: Internet Access Techniques, ISPs, WiFi, Broadband, Dialup, etc.

Model Q&A



Introduction to Spreadsheets

Objective of Spreadsheets

Function and Charts: Function, Formulas, and Charts

Elements of Electronic Spreadsheet: Saving Workbooks, Addressing Cells, Printing and Opening Spreadsheets

Manipulation of Cells: Changing the Height and Width of Cells, Entering Numbers, Texts, and Dates, Creating Date Series, Numbers, and Texts, Editing Worksheet Data, Deleting and Inserting Rows and Columns

Model Q&A


Introduction to Computer

Introduction to Basics of Computer

Objectives of a Computer

Components of the Computer System

Concepts of Software and Hardware

Computer and its History

Applications of IECT

Representation of Data or Information

Concepts of Data Processing

Model Q&A


Introduction to GUI-Based Operating System

Introduction to GUI-Based Operating System

Objectives of GUI-Based Operating System

The User Interface

Simple Setting of Operating System

Basics of Operating System

Types of Files

Directory and File Management

Model Q&A


WWW and Web Browsers

Introduction to Web Browsers and the World Wide Web

Objectives of WWW and Web Browsers

Search Engines: Favourite Folders, Popular Search Engines, Printing Web Pages and Downloading Web Pages

Configuring Web Browsers

Web Browsing Software

Model Q&A


Communication and


Introduction to Communication and Collaboration

Objectives of Communication and Collaboration

Using Emails

Basics of E-mail

Instant Messaging and Collaborations

Advanced Email Features

Model Q&A


Making Small Presentations

Introduction to Presentations

Objectives of Making Small Presentations

Creating a Presentation

Providing Aesthetics to a Presentation

Slideshows in a Presentation

Preparation of Presentation Slides

Basics of Making a Presentation

Model Q&A


Elements of Word Processing

Introduction to Elements of Word Processing

Objectives of Word Processing

Basics of Word Processing

Formatting the Text

Opening and Closing the Documents

Table Manipulation

Text Creation and Manipulation

Model Q&A


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CCC Online Syllabus

Below we have provided a tabulation of the most important subjects that are covered in the CCC Online Test 2024 New Syllabus as per the new guidelines:

Introduction to Computer Fundamentals of Computer
MS Office E-mail, Social Networking, and eGovernance Services
Introduction to the Internet and WWW Networking Overview of Cyber Security and Future Skills
Digital Financial Tools and Applications Introduction to Operating System
Libre Office